Why Menstrual Health Education is Important?

Meena was a cheerful young women of 28.

Meena died after a brief illness.

Meena used an old blouse during her period which had hooks of iron, possibly rusted!

Rusted hooks caused infection in her genital area which spread through the blood stream as sepsis.

Meena could have lived longer and happier if she had used safe, clean and hygienic product during her period.

No body should die like Meena because of lack of awareness, knowledge and resources.

Learning about menstrual hygiene management helps to ensure cleanliness in menstruating women.

Knowing what product or material to use, how often to change it, knowledge about appropriate way of disposal and what all ill can it cause if hygiene is not maintained during these days, is imperative for girls and women.

Lack of correct and timely education increases the chances of,

–  Diseases like UTI’s, STI’s and cervical cancers

–  Complications with conception, childbirth and infertility

–  Low self-esteem and confidence

–  Carrying forward of age-old myths and taboos associated with periods

–  Shame or lack of education means that many women do not seek medical advice.

–  Loss of productivity/attendance at work and school