Volunteer with Us

Alone you can go fast but together you will go far!

Every setup needs a strong team of working hands and thinking minds.


Humjoli has a wide network of volunteers who help the cause reach far and wide. Doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, teachers, housewives and several college students work passionately on ground as volunteers for Humjoli.

They take awareness sessions, help in pad distribution and go to far flung areas to spread the word of menstrual health and hygiene.

You too can be a Humjoli Volunteer and help the society in so many ways.

We also provide Online Certificate Course in Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management. 

The course is ideal and suggested for,

– School Teachers
– College and school students as a part of Social Initiative/Project
– Everyone who is interested in working as an Menstrual Health Educator on ground

Connect with us at care@humjolifoundation.com to know more about it.