Volunteer/Teacher’s Training

Train-the-Trainer Program

We provide in-depth training to volunteers and teachers on ‘How to conduct a Period Talk session for young girls and women‘.

Volunteers and teachers are precisely taught effective ways to break the ice, conduct menstruation related activities and demonstrations, enact role plays, keep the session interactive and fun, bust myths and taboos and culminate the session in a positive note.

Volunteers and teachers will be trained on how to take a comprehensive, fun, engaging, demonstrative and informative period talk session in the community at ground level. 

Session 1 – Training them on,

– how to initiate the conversation, break the ice, and remove awkwardness around this topic

– they will be taught specific ice-breaking and engagement activities, story-telling and other tools to make the crowd comfortable to listen to their session on menstruation, which is otherwise considered a taboo topic to discuss.

Session 2 – Training them on,

– What is a Period (why and how it happens?)

– normal vs abnormal in periods

– diet & nutrition for menstruating women

– managing period cramps

– importance of maintaining hygiene during this time

– health risks associated with improper hygiene

Session 3 – Training them on,

– different types of sanitary hygiene products

– ideal way of disposal of non-biodegradable sanitary waste

– busting unscientific myths associated with periods with logical reasoning and examples

They are also provided with training material to refer.

We also provide an online Certificate Course in Menstrual Health & Hygiene Management.