Humjoli Foundation is a Pune-based NGO primarily working towards creating awareness about menstrual health and hygiene.

With a tag line which screams aloud, “Periods – Sharm Nahi, Shamta Hai”, Humjoli is all about spreading precise information and education, eradicating ‘period poverty’ and breaking taboos and myths associated with menstruation. 

The foundation works at various levels by,

–  Directly ‘reaching & teaching’ women and young girls through awareness sessions,    workshop and personal (one-on-one) counselling.
–  Training the volunteers using a specially designed module, so that those volunteers can spread the word individually in their
   respective areas.
 – Providing sustainable livelihood to women.
–  Conducting pad donation drives at mass level.

Humjoli Foundation has reached to more than 60,000 women through 200+ awareness sessions conducted in 8 different cities, trained over 350 volunteers and distributed more than 50,000 sanitary pads so far.

We strongly believe that menstruation is not only a ‘women’s’ issue; rather, it is a ‘human’s’ issue and so, both genders need to be sensitized about this topic. We have specially designed modules for men and school boys as well.

Apart from working with low-income group, Humjoli Foundation also take corporate sessions for employees where the focus is on introducing them with sustainable and environment-friendly sanitary hygiene products such as menstrual cup, tampon and reusable cloth pads, busting myths and taboos around menstruation, hacks & tricks to have a smooth period and dealing with menopause.

Connect with Humjoli Foundation at or +91 9604646190.