Certificate Course in MHHM

Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management Certificate Course

Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management Certificate Course is a great tool to get equipped with required knowledge, experience and expertise to disseminate the awareness about menstruation in target groups.  

To ensure that adolescent girls and women have the necessary support and facilities, it is important that the wider society, communities and families must challenge the status quo and break the silence around menstruation. It is therefore the responsibility of those with influence (students, teachers, social activists and officials) to find appropriate ways to talk about the issue and take necessary actions. 

The course is ideal and suggested for,

– School Teachers
– College and school students as a part of Social Initiative/Project
– Everyone who is interested in working as an Menstrual Health Educator on ground

Eligibility – Anyone above 15 yrs

Duration – 3 months from the date of enrolment. The course can be taken at any point of time.

Course Outline – The course is divided in 4 parts –

  • 1. Study Material
  • 2. Practical Training
  • 3. Ground Activity
  • 4. Project

All parts of the module must finish within 12 weeks’ time from the date of 1st module sent through email.

Fee – There is NO FEE to the course as of now. The objective is to train as many people.

As a part of our cause to spread awareness about using safe sanitary hygiene products, all attendees have to get 10 people to contribute in our Sponsor a Girl’ campaign.

At least 5 donations have to be made before the first module will be sent. Remaining 5 donations can to be processed before the final project is to be assigned.

The motive behind this contribution is to sensitise and bring in more and more people to join in providing safe and healthy period to underprivileged girls for the period of 6 months. 

On successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded with a Certificate of Merit. 

Connect with us at care@humjolifoundation.com for more details.