Book on Periods

टिंकी, पिंकी और आम का अचार

A storybook on ‘all things periods’.

This unique book is a fun read; a story of two adolescent girls who amidst their giggles and nonstop blabber, share experiences of school and life. All along, they talk at length about different aspects of growing up & menstruation.

Periods or महीना is a taboo subject in most households. In spite of being the purest and most natural life-giving process, it is considered ‘dirty & disgusting.

Talking about it openly is considered a “गन्दी बात”.

And so, most young girls usually remain clueless about ‘why it happens, normal vs abnormal, problems and complications related with it, how to deal with difficult situations, what to believe & what not?'

This book will help them understand the finer nuances of menstruation in the simplest way possible.

What's the need of this kind of book?  When we go on the ground to conduct menstrual health and hygiene awareness sessions, especially in low-income populations, Zilla parishad schools and rural areas, we have always felt the need of leaving behind some reading material for them to refer to later on.  Urban girls have access to technology and online resources to clear their doubts or get information on this topic. But rural and small town girls lack this resource.  And that's why we have conceptualized and published this easy to understand, fun read with beautiful illustration.  To order this book in bulk for distribution at a subsidized price, connect with Humjoli Foundation at or call +91 9604646190   Have a glimpse of the book from inside.