Awareness Sessions


We talk aloud about having cold and flu or indigestion but whisper and shy away discussing period issues.

In our society, girls are raised to hush the period talk.

And so, they hardly have anyone to share their period woes.

In this scenario, educating the young girls with basics of menstruation is imperative to instill confidence and empower them with knowledge, so they can comprehend the overall process of menstrual cycle better.

Not only for young girls and rural women, we have modules for various set of audience, as per their age, level of understanding, requirement and education.    

– Girls of grade 6th-8th (pre-menstruators)

– Girls of grade 9th-12th (menstruators)

– Boys/Fathers

– Urban & rural women

– Parents together

– Women of low-socio economic segment

– Teachers & Volunteers 

We have a designed a special session for Corporate Women Employees where the focus is mainly to impart knowledge on various sanitary hygiene products such as disposable sanitary pads, reusable cloth sanitary pads, menstrual cups, tampons etc, their usage, pros and cons and proper disposal of each.

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